Hard Impact Technologies, LLC has redesigned the arrow industry. We've taken the standards of bow hunting to a new level.

Behind the scenes, inside every arrow, we have built a system that creates devastating results to your down range target. This system involves patented Weight Transferring Technology that is deployed inside the arrow shaft at the moment of impact. The Weight Transferring Technology causes a deeper penetration with greater kinetic energy into your down-range target.

To engage the transferring system, simply point the arrow up before placing the arrow into the crossbow or compound bow. The system will not deploy until the moment of impact with your target. The system is housed near the front of the arrow shaft, providing pinpoint accuracy and more stabilized arrow flight. We have developed this system for compound bow hunters and crossbow hunters.

We were featured in Archery Business Magazine's BEST OF THE BEST edition for 2011!

Read the article HERE!
(Image featured on p72, writeup on p74)

See Jeff Price explain the PENETRATOR arrow at the 2011 ATA Trade show HERE!

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